About us

business consulting and accounting service

Here at Y’s advisory our professional and innovative team with wealth of experience is committed to “uncomplicate numbers”.

We offer more than simple business consulting and accounting service. Our service delves deep into your company, helping you achieve your financial goals by identifying opportunities and turning weaknesses into strengths. We will help you understand your numbers including key ratios and reports and improve them in the most efficient manner. We specialise in business consulting services as well as risk management, leaving you time to concentrate and grow your core business.

Our extensive experience in a variety of industries has given us keen understanding and appreciation of broad business functions including internal controls, risks, sales and business development.

Which means we know what works – and what doesn’t and what to look out for. And we draw on this experience to help you analyse risks and identify issues that affect your performance, while assisting you in your ongoing financial strategies.

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At Y’s advisory every advice is ‘wise’.