• We specialise in risk management solutions that will help you to identify risk areas and provide improvement strategies so you can concentrate on your business.

  • CFO service

    Virtual CFO services allow you to enjoy all the benefits of having CFO at a fraction of the cost

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Y’s team is committed to ‘uncomplicate numbers’

We get that the accounting and finance process can be daunting, so we take care of it from the bookkeeping stage to the Board report. We get to know your business from the inside – to make sense of the numbers and to help you focus on figures that tell the story.

We provide support of financial experts to the business that cannot yet afford a luxury of having a full-time finance team and experienced CFO.

We have a wealth of accounting and audit experience which we want to share to make a difference, add value and  provide insights helping to improve your business and maximize profit.

We strive to help our clients to uncomplicate numbers and not be overwhelmed by figures.


Risk Management

All businesses face risk as part of everyday operation. Managing risk is essential to a healthy business growth and development.


Virtual CFO services

All the benefits of having CFO at a fraction of the cost. Our solutions are flexible and individually tailored.


Preparation to External Audit

We have extensive audit experience and know what auditors are looking for! We guarantee your audit time and overruns will reduce!


 Bookkeeping and Accounting

Fully tailored solutions from bookkeeping stage all the way to the Board report. Outsource the whole process or any part